My name is Monica, and I grew up in Thornhill, a suburb of Toronto, Canada. I’ve always had a passion for cooking and baking, which led me to open my bakery, The Designer Cookie, 10 years ago. After 7 years, I took a leap and opened up my first store in Toronto, which was a huge learning experience for me and probably one of the riskiest things I’ve ever done. Unfortunately, we fell victim to a bad location and the bakery closed in June, 2012.

Now, as a new mom, I still maintain my passion and have a lot more time to create meals from scratch, You’ll notice that the majority of my recipes are made from scratch, thanks to a not-so-appetising experience with a packaged product (You probably don’t wanna know so I’ll spare you the details).

Why Lazygirl? Because really, who has time to spend hours in the kitchen? My recipes are easy, but look and taste like they’re not. I’m big on presentation, and love to entertain. Once in a while, especially for the holidays, I’ll feature my notsolazygirl recipes like my famous Maple butter turkey, but we’ll get to that later.

I’ve been a writer in some capacity or another for my whole life, so starting a food blog was only natural – I just never really had the time. But now, being on maternity leave, I find myself with all this extra time that I feel I need to fill – I’m the type that goes a little nuts if I’m not doing something – anything – to keep me sane.

When I’m not on maternity leave, I work for Flyerland, doing Marketing and Social Media, and helping millions of Canadians save money on everyday stuff. I’m married to the love of my life, and for now, I’m kind of enjoying just slowing down and being creative again while I’m not working. I love DIY-ing and painting, and have another blog that focuses on those two elements at roseandcole.blogspot.com.

I think that’s it for now. The rest you’ll learn through reading my blog and I really hope you will, because I will really love sharing my favourite recipes with you guys.


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