Best. Salad. Ever. Ever. Ever.

Hi guys, I’ve got an awesome salad recipe for you that is so versatile, and so incredibly delicious, that it will now be your go-to salad recipe. For serious, everyone I’ve ever made this salad for loves it and asks me for the recipe. It’s really all about the dressing – the mix-ins can be … Continue reading

Quick and easy garlic lemon pepper Cod

Hi guys, The hubby and I haven’t had fish in quite some time, so I was pretty happy when I found some fresh Cod at the grocery store today. We like our Cod nice and simple; lemon, pepper, garlic, sea salt and butter, and I’m big on broiling fish. That way, you quick-cook it, which … Continue reading

End of summer virgin Mojito

Hi all, So sadly, summer is coming to an end. I know, I didn’t need to remind you and for that I’m sorry. Before I start with all my fall cooking and baking, I figured I’d say adieu to the summer with my favourite summer drink (the one that doesn’t involve copious amounts of liquor). … Continue reading

Future Lazygirl Gourmet taste-tester

On a side note, this is my 4.5 month old, Nate. He just started solids, and he clearly has as big of an appetite as his mom since, as you can see, he’s eating his spoon. I haven’t actually tried to eat a utensil but I have been known to lick the spoon. The end.

Mexi-casserole (Mexican lasagna)

When I was pregnant with my son, I frequently craved mexican food and made this recipe a lot. I found the original version on but I don’t think the poster still has a profile so I can’t give her credit. So, I’m putting it out there: if you are this lovely person who got … Continue reading

Tomato-chickpea feta salad

So this recipe I threw together when I checked out my kitchen and realized – yikes – nothing to make a side with. Shopping day is tomorrow and I wasn’t so in the mood to shlep to the grocery store in the pouring rain. What I did have was our tomatoes from the garden, a … Continue reading

5-Ingredient parmesan-crusted Tilapia

This one is for the non-fishy fish lovers. I find Tilapia to be pretty mild and easy to prepare, and this recipe is so darn easy that you’ll make it again and again, especially because you can buy those large packs of frozen tilapia. This recipe comes from Rachael Ray, the queen of easy recipes. … Continue reading