Pizza with figs, goat cheese, spinach and balsamic glaze


Happy weekend! So as it turns out, it’s pretty tough to juggle work, a baby, cooking dinner every night, everyday chores, a bit of a life, and a blog – so I may not be able to blog as often as I had hoped. The good news is, my recipe match-ups can be found at every single day. Yes, you heard me right – 5 days/week of lazygirl recipes – and, if you’re in Canada, I even match up each recipe with grocery items on sale that week. Check out my lazygirl section here.

Ok, now that you’ve all forgiven me, I can move on with tonight’s recipe. I’ve been eating so much pizza since I started working again, it’s not even funny – from lunch & learns, to meetings, to nights when I don’t feel like cooking, pizza seems to be ever so present. The other night though, I decided to make a gourmet pizza at home. I used a ready-made pizza crust, but if you’re feeling extra ambitious, you’re welcome to make the dough yourself. You can also use fresh figs, but I couldn’t find any at my grocery store, so I used dried figs. Lastly, this recipe would also be great with arugula, but I decided to use spinach to make this pizza somewhat healthy. D loved it so much, he asked me to make a second one that night.  

Pizza with figs, goat cheese, spinach and balsamic glaze
Makes one medium-sized pizza

1 ready-made pizza crust (I used thin crust)
1 Tbsp olive oil
About 6 dried figs, sliced (or about 2 fresh figs)
About 1 cup crumbled goat cheese
1 cup torn spinach 
2 tbsp balsamic glaze
1/4 tsp thyme
1/4 tsp basil
Salt & pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 425 degrees fahrenheit. Brush pizza crust with olive oil, and cover with spinach leaves. Add the fig slices and goat cheese (be generous with the cheese). Sprinkle thyme and basil over the pizza, then add salt and pepper to taste. Finally, drizzle with balsamic glaze. Place the pizza in the oven straight on the rack (no cookie sheet). Cook for about 10 minutes, then set the oven to broil, and broil for two minutes or until golden. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Pizza with figs, goat cheese, spinach and balsamic glaze

    • It’s basically a reduced version of balsamic vinegar, much sweeter and thicker – almost like a syrup. It’s amazing on grilled veggies and sliced tomatoes with bocconcini cheese (and this pizza, of course!)

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