Dukan Diet – Day 16

ImageI’m not gonna lie to you. This diet business is no fun. Sure, it was all easy and exciting the first week when the weight was falling off, and there were ‘so many options’ to make and eat. But this week, week 2, has been a different story. What I wouldn’t give for a double big mac combo with large fries…and a huge 5-layer chocolate cake for dessert. Yum. But I won’t. I will not give up. I refuse.

Yes, my weight loss has hit a plateau. I’m down 8.4 pounds, but the scale has not budged since last Monday, except for a slight fluctuation of about .4 of a pound. This, of course, discourages me and makes me want to say screw it, screw this diet and screw Dr. Dukan and screw sugar free, fat free everything.

In reality, it’s really only difficult at night. You know, when D is chomping on bacon and sour cream chips and other such junk, and I’m sitting there with my sad little sugar free jello cup. For the record, I absolutely hate artificial sweeteners for the way they make things taste – artificial. I find it much more palatable to sweeten my own plain yogurt and whatnot with splenda, and add my own pure vanilla extract. So this, of course, makes snacking a lot harder. And I’m getting really sick of yogurt. And turkey. And smoked salmon. And eggs. And I could go on.

ImageSo that’s pretty much it. I have no inspiring words of wisdom or encouragement. Just wanted to say that this is tricky. I won’t say hard, because there are so many other things in this life that are hard. But this is definitely not easy, let’s put it that way.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


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