Calling all lazy girls!

Hi everyone! (which for now, is probably no one, but I remain hopeful!). I put together this blog because a) I love food, b) I love cooking but hate the prep involved (hence, lazy) c) I’m a new mom and being on mat leave makes me hungry to do something…more (and yes, I’m guilty of loving my puns), d) I love to write, e) I love food (crap, mentioned this one already), f) I owned a bakery for 10 years (7 from home and 3 in a real brick and mortar cutesy pink bake shop) and I’ll be posting some of my most delicious baked good recipes and g) I LOVE FOOD!

I’ve got tons of delicious recipes that I’ve collected through the years that I would love to share with the world. Some come from family, some are my own twists on classics, some come from Pinterest (LOVE pinterest!), some come from, and some are just happy accidents. I hope you enjoy my blog!


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