Tomato-chickpea feta salad

So this recipe I threw together when I checked out my kitchen and realized – yikes – nothing to make a side with. Shopping day is tomorrow and I wasn’t so in the mood to shlep to the grocery store in the pouring rain. What I did have was our tomatoes from the garden, a … Continue reading

5-Ingredient parmesan-crusted Tilapia

This one is for the non-fishy fish lovers. I find Tilapia to be pretty mild and easy to prepare, and this recipe is so darn easy that you’ll make it again and again, especially because you can buy those large packs of frozen tilapia. This recipe comes from Rachael Ray, the queen of easy recipes. … Continue reading

Calling all lazy girls!

Hi everyone! (which for now, is probably no one, but I remain hopeful!). I put together this blog because a) I love food, b) I love cooking but hate the prep involved (hence, lazy) c) I’m a new mom and being on mat leave makes me hungry to do something…more (and yes, I’m guilty of … Continue reading