Dukan diet – day 9

Hi guys! So I know I said I would post some yummy Dukan recipes, but the problem is, I’ve made a bunch now and I’m yet to find something Lazygirl-worthy. I’ve made the standard meatballs and sticky chicken and they were okay, palatable I suppose, but nothing magnificent.

The other day, I was craving something sweet and thought I’d make a Dukan brownie. It looked good enough but when I took a bite – yuck. So bad, I had to throw out the whole thing. The yummiest thing I’ve made and have eaten most breakfasts is the Dukan “pancake”, but I won’t post that since pretty much anyone on Dukan knows the recipe.

In terms of progress, I do have to say that this is definitely the most effective diet I’ve tried. I’m on day 9, and I’m down 8 pounds. (Mind you, two of those pounds don’t really count, because I gained them over last weekend before I started the diet. It involved many a pizza slice and a Big Mac combo, but we’ll forget that ever happened). So in real pounds, lets call it 6. Not too shabby.

Now, if any of you out there have a good Dukan recipe to try, please share with me – I’m so bored of everything already.

I’ll post some more progress reports soon!


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